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This is the Schurbler Prince of Germany

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Henry XIII prepared to overthrow the government

This is the Schurbler Prince of Germany

Henry XIII Prinz Reuss (71) is one of the most dangerous German conspiracy theorists. With several dozen cronies, he prepared an overthrow of the German government along the lines of the storming of the Capitol. His henchmen were already meeting for target practice.


Henry XIII Prince Reuss (71) is taken from his residence in Frankfurt on Wednesday morning.


Samuel Schumacherforeign reporter

Apparently, Germany narrowly escaped a violent coup attempt: early Wednesday morning, more than 3,000 police officers and special units conducted more than 130 house searches in several federal states and arrested 25 people. The goal of the group of extremists raised: the overthrow of the German government and the establishment of a new state under the leadership of Henry XIII. Prince Reuss (71), one of the most dangerous conspiracy theorists in Germany.

“Prinz Reuss”, the presumed main person responsible for the campaign planned since November 2021, comes from the East German noble family of the same name, which ruled the east of today’s state of Thuringia until 1920. The male descendants all bear the first name Heinrich to this day. And the wealth of the blue-blooded clan is considerable to this day. But the House of Reuss lost its political power long ago.

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