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This man is set to become Putin’s puppet in Ukraine

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Viktor Medvedchuk is a former Ukrainian politician. He was a member of the opposition party «For Life».


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (44) is not giving up his country. He demands that Russia withdraw from all of Ukraine. Peace negotiations with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin (70) are impossible because neither side is willing to compromise. Zelensky is a thorn in Putin’s side. A new figure is needed – and the perfect candidate is Viktor Medvedchuk (67). He’s easy to control and Putin likes his political stance.

The oligarch has acted as an intermediary between Kyiv and Moscow in the past. In addition, for a long time he was a politician of the Ukrainian opposition «For Life». Medvedchuk has a very good relationship with Putin due to his pro-Russian attitude. No wonder the big businessman was placed under house arrest in May 2021 on charges of high treason. In April 2022 he was arrested for treason. In September’s prisoner swap, Russia released the Azov regime’s fighters in exchange for the Ukrainian oligarch.

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