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This Spaniard (115) is the oldest person in the world

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Spaniard (115) is the new oldest person in the world

Maria Branyas Morera experienced two world wars, the Spanish Civil War and survived a corona infection. After the death of Lucile Randon, the Spaniard is now the oldest person in the world.


Maria Branyas Morera is the oldest person in the world.

Lucile Randon († 118) was the oldest person in the world. The French nun with the nun’s name André most recently lived in a nursing home in the port city of Toulon in southern France. On Tuesday, the director of the nursing home, David Tavella, announced that she had passed away in her sleep.

The Gerontology Research Group listed Sister André as the oldest living person since the end of April last year. Even before that, she was considered the oldest European. With her death, Maria Branyas Morera (115), who was born in the USA and lives in Spain, becomes the oldest person in the world

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