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Three students die at party in Spain

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Fire broke out in apartment

Three students die at party in Spain

Ten students were celebrating the end of quarterly exams when a fire suddenly broke out. Three of them died.

The three hours all died from smoke inhalation.

Three young students have died in a house fire in Huelva, southern Spain. The victims were between 20 and 21 years old, the responsible authorities said on Tuesday. The mayor of the provincial capital with almost 150,000 inhabitants, Gabriel Cruz, was “deeply dismayed” by the tragedy, which killed two young women and a young man. According to official information, they all died of smoke inhalation.

Ten students were celebrating the end of the quarterly exams at the University of Huelva in the apartment when the fire broke out at around 7:30 a.m., Cruz told the Europa Press news agency. Seven students escaped in time. A defective radiator is suspected to be the cause of the fire, which was extinguished relatively quickly by the fire brigade, but there is still no certainty. The police have initiated investigations. Mayor Cruz ordered a three-day mourning in his city. (SDA)

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