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Trial against Turkish singer Gülsen begins

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Jailed for pranks

Trial against Turkish singer Gülsen begins

A trial against the Turkish pop singer Gülsen began on Friday morning in Istanbul because of a much-criticized remark about religious educational institutions. An exit ban imposed on them was not lifted.

ARCHIVE – The Turkish pop singer Gülsen faces up to three years in prison because she is said to have hurt religious feelings with an ill-considered saying. Photo: Uncredited/Depo Photos/AP/dpa

In the indictment, Gülsen is accused, among other things, of hate speech. The artist faces up to three years in prison.

The allegations are related to statements made at a concert in April. There the singer had said that the “perversity” of a bandmate was due to his time at an Imam Hatip school – Gülsen said she was only joking. Imam Hatip Schools are state educational institutions that focus on religious education. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for example, was a student at such a school.

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