Thursday, December 1, 2022

Twitter gets new verification ticks

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Gold, gray and blue

Twitter gets new verification ticks

Twitter owner Elon Musk has announced that the online short message service will in future have different colored verification ticks. Twitter is expected to start introducing the new model as a test on Friday next week.

At the end of next week, Twitter wants to start testing the new model. (archive image)

Gold ticks are provided for companies, gray ticks for governments and authorities, and blue ticks for individuals, Musk wrote on Twitter on Friday. Before activating the ticks, the accounts would be verified manually. “Sorry for the delay,” Musk wrote.

At the beginning of the month, Twitter introduced a reorganization in the allocation of ticks. According to this model, anyone who paid eight dollars a month got the verification tick. There was no identity check. After a wave of fake accounts from brands and celebrities, the opportunity has been suspended again. Musk said Twitter would only allow ticks to be purchased again when there was a “high probability” of avoiding forgery of accounts. A new attempt was originally planned for November 29th.

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