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Uber has to pay French drivers 17 million euros

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Are considered employees

Uber has to pay French drivers 17 million euros

The US ride-hailing service Uber has been sentenced to pay around 17 million francs to 139 drivers in the French city of Lyon. This was announced by the driver’s lawyer at the French news agency AFP on Friday.

Published: 13 minutes ago

During protests against Uber in 2015, taxi drivers in Geneva demanded: “The state must enforce the law”. (archive image)

Uber was obliged to reassess the contracts of the 139 drivers, said lawyer Stéphane Teyssier, confirming a report from a regional newspaper. The decision was made by a labor court before which the Uber drivers from Lyon had gone.

Teyssier said that court relied on a 2020 ruling by a Court of Cassation that Uber drivers should be considered employees of the company.

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