Friday, March 24, 2023

Ukraine soldiers risk their lives in the fight against Putin

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They face rape, torture and death

Ukraine soldiers risk their lives in the fight against Putin

Thousands of Ukrainian women are fighting on the front line against Russian troops. They face the worst if they are captured, but they will not be prevented from fighting.


Ukrainian soldiers risk everything in the fight against Russian troops. (icon picture)

Not only Ukrainian men are fighting against Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) and his troops. More and more women are also joining the military resistance. According to Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar (44), “at least 30,000 women” have volunteered for military service. 5000 female soldiers are stationed directly at the front. Exactly how many is a closely guarded secret.

The women are particularly popular as snipers, as the “Economist” reports. They are “quicker and more precise” than the men, says one of the trainers. They are also more patient and take fewer risks.

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