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Ukrainians angry at this customs officer

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Luxury New Year’s Eve trip to Paris

Ukrainians angry at this customs officer

The press spokeswoman for the border guards in Ukraine has a good time in her free time and likes to escape from everyday wartime life. She is now reaping a shit storm for this. No wonder: while Ukrainians freeze in their cold apartments, she enjoys celebrating New Year’s Eve.


The Ukrainian Ivanna Plantovskaya works for the border guard in Odessa.

The sparkling Eiffel Tower, expensive cars, big parties – if you look at the pictures of Ivanna Plantovskaya, press officer for the Ukrainian border guard in Odessa, you might think there would be no war. Your recent posts show life in luxury, while a large part of the Ukrainian population has no electricity, no water and no warm housing. The anger in her homeland is correspondingly great.

The Paris trip isn’t the only trip Plantovskaya has made since the outbreak of war. A picture in a bikini on the beach is followed by another in uniform in the middle of the war. The Ukrainians had expected something different from an officer who works at the border.

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