Tuesday, February 7, 2023

US cop accidentally shoots best friend

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When playing with a gun

US cop accidentally shoots best friend

In the US, a police officer shot his best friend at a game night in their shared flat. He thought the gun wasn’t loaded so he pulled the trigger.


Austin W.* (23†) was shot by his best friend at a game night.

Austin W.* (23†) and Andrew L.* (22) were best friends. After high school, the Americans fulfilled their greatest dream and became police officers at the Brevard County Sheriffs Office in Florida (USA). Everything was fine until it turned into an absolute nightmare.

The two men had invited friends to their home in Palm Bay for online video games over the weekend, as reported by the TV station “News 13”. When they took a break from play, Andrew L. pulled out his service weapon as a joke. Believing it wasn’t loaded, he aimed it at his friend and pulled the trigger.

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