Wednesday, March 22, 2023

US could end war quickly

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ARCHIVE – Former US President Donald Trump at an event. Photo: Michael Conroy/AP/dpa

The Kremlin took up this gratefully. The United States could quickly end the “war in Ukraine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the Russian news agency Interfax on Friday. “The President of the United States can do this very quickly, using, say, his abilities and, in fact, simply giving instructions to the Kiev regime,” Peskov said. The West, on the other hand, recognizes the right of sovereign Ukraine to defend itself against the Russian war of conquest and gives it massive support in doing so. Without this weapon support, Ukraine would hardly be able to withstand the Russian attack.

Kremlin accuses US of escalation

Peskov again accused the United States of what Moscow has been doing since the attack on all of Ukraine on February 24 last year. Instead of looking for a solution, the US had chosen the path of escalation, criticized Peskow. For example, the decision to deliver European battle tanks to Ukraine was made under pressure from the United States. In fact, however, it was many NATO partners and Ukraine who had urged Germany to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Peskow also accused the US of not taking any steps towards a negotiated solution. However, Russia denies Ukraine’s right to exist and it remained unclear what could then be negotiated. Ukraine believes that talks with Moscow will only be possible again once the Russian troops have withdrawn from their entire territory, including Crimea, which was annexed in violation of international law in 2014.

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