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US Senator warns of riots over Trump impeachment

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After Mar-a-Lago raid

US Senator warns of riots over Trump impeachment

Prominent Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham has warned of riots if ex-US President Donald Trump were charged with handling government documents.

ARCHIVE – South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham speaks during the Senate Budget Committee session. Photo: Greg Nash/Pool The Hill/AP/dpa

“If they try to sue President Trump for mishandling secret information (…) there will literally be riots on the streets,” Graham said in an interview with Fox television on Sunday evening (local time). News. “I’m worried about our country.”

On August 8, the FBI federal police searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in the state of Florida and confiscated, among other things, several confidential and sometimes top-secret documents. The background is the Republican’s handling of official documents from his term as President. Because Trump kept papers, some of which are subject to strict protection measures because of their sensitive content, in his private estate, he could have broken the law. This is now being investigated.

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