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US zoo names cockroaches after ex-partners – and feeds them

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Weird fundraiser for Valentine’s Day

US zoo names cockroaches after ex – and feeds them

The San Antonio Zoo in Texas has another Valentine’s Day fundraiser planned for this year. The love for animals can be combined with a little revenge on the ex.

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This is how the zoo advertises the Valentine’s Day campaign.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine is actually considered the patron saint of lovers. Ironically, on the day of love, the San Antonio Zoo in the US state of Texas is organizing a very curious fundraiser.

Depending on the amount of the donation, those interested can choose a cockroach or a rodent on the zoo’s website, which will then be fed. There is also a veggie option: For five dollars, a head of lettuce or cabbage can also be symbolically named after the ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

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