Friday, December 2, 2022

“We are bombing Ukraine back to the 18th century”

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Putin ally threatens

“We are bombing Ukraine back to the 18th century”

The Kremlin wants to wear down the people with Putin’s perfidious tactic of deliberately destroying Ukrainian energy infrastructure. There is no end in sight.


It’s dark in Kyiv. Russian missiles hit the Ukrainian capital’s power grid on Wednesday.

The troops of Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin (70) continue to target Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Since early October, Russia has launched a barrage of missiles and deployed Iranian-made drones at energy targets in Ukraine in a bid to cripple the country’s power grid. Most recently, Russian shells rained down on Ukraine on Wednesday. On the morning after the heavy Russian rocket attacks, electricity and water supplies in Kyiv could only be partially restored.

The Ukrainians should be worn down with it – especially now that winter is coming. The Russians are determined to continue attacking with drones and bombs. The deputy Duma spokesman, Pjotr ​​Tolstoy (53), made it clear on the French broadcaster BFM how serious Putin’s troops are: They will not refrain from attacking Ukrainian power plants in winter either.

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