Saturday, April 1, 2023

What the winter terror is doing to Kyiv

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The stuck Christmas garlands are the only source of light in some Kiev apartment blocks.


Samuel Schumacherforeign reporter

In the bunker there is tea and Mandarinli. Anyway. Shortly after 9 a.m. we are sitting close together in a basement in downtown Kiev. Dozens of complete strangers, some in suits and laptops open, others in pajamas and sleepy eyes. An instructor speaks to a group of young adults. A man in a waiter’s uniform paces nervously up and down.

After almost an hour the sirens fell silent. The spook is over. But only for a short time: Their howls will roar over the snow-covered roofs of Kyiv five more times that day. The last time, just after midnight, I just stayed in bed, resigned. I crawl under the blanket, which offers security but no protection. Deadly projectiles can rain down at any time.

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