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WHO wants to make access to contraceptives easier

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WHO wants to make access to contraceptives easier

According to a new recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), access to contraceptives should be made easier in numerous countries.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), access to contraceptives, including condoms, should be made easier worldwide. (archive image)

In the corona pandemic, many people suddenly had no access because they could no longer go to doctors, hospitals and family planning clinics. The WHO recommends improving access to contraceptives and selling them directly through pharmacies, for example. In addition, people should be able to get the funds in larger quantities so that they last for several months.

The WHO names condoms, birth control pills, some diaphragms and spermicides as well as the progestin contraceptive DMPA, known as a three-month injection. It no longer has to be in the muscle, but can be safely injected under the skin. Users could therefore administer it to themselves.

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