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Why was train killer Ibrahim A. (33) still walking around freely?

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Even his lawyer is surprised

Why was train killer Ibrahim A. (33) still walking around freely?

On Wednesday, Ibrahim A. attacked passengers on a regional train in northern Germany with a knife. He kills two teenagers. A. should actually have been behind bars. Even his lawyer was surprised that he was free.

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Ibrahim A. (33, left) ran amok on a train in Germany: Here he is led by an official.

In Germany, two days after the knife attack on a regional train in northern Germany, there is still horror at the crime. Ibrahim A.* (33) killed two people (†17 and †19) in the attack and injured seven other people. Three people are still in mortal danger.

A. was already known to the police before the crime. He committed multiple crimes and was in custody for several months. According to the investigating authorities, the background was a not yet final conviction for dangerous bodily harm. But shortly before the act, he was released. That surprises even his lawyer. “I was surprised that my client was released from custody so suddenly,” said Björn Seelbach to “Spiegel”. Why was the man, who had been convicted several times, still walking around freely?

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