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Will the climate activists go to jail for this?

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Rescuers blocked in Berlin – cyclist brain dead

Will the climate activists go to jail for this?

Rescue workers came late to a cyclist who had fallen under a concrete mixer in an accident in Berlin. Climate activists had blocked the road. Now the police are investigating. What penalties does the chaotic face? A lawyer explains.


A cyclist fell under a concrete mixer in Berlin.

A climate action with terrible consequences. Activists from the Last Generation group blocked the city freeway in Berlin on Monday. At the same time, a cyclist (44) fell under a concrete mixer and was seriously injured. A special vehicle from the fire brigade, with the help of which the heavy truck was to be lifted, could not get through and was stuck in traffic because of the climate action. According to the newspaper “Tagesspiegel”, the fire brigade’s emergency services were at the scene of the accident after 19 minutes – 7 to 9 valuable minutes were lost in this way.

On Thursday, the accident cyclist († 44) was declared brain dead. A 63-year-old and a 59-year-old are now being investigated, a spokesman said on Tuesday for the German Press Agency.

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