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With security rooms against Putin’s winter terror

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With security rooms against Putin’s winter terror

Selenski plans réduit strategy

With 4,000 emergency rooms, the Ukrainian government wants to help millions of people who are freezing through the winter. But the strategy carries a great risk.


Internet, tea and warmth are available in this “point of invincibility” in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.


Samuel Schumacherforeign reporter

More than ten million Ukrainians are still without electricity. Even the doctors in the emergency departments operate in flashlights. And aid organizations estimate that the winter could force up to 300,000 people to flee the war-torn country.

But Ukraine is not about to give up. On the contrary: Kyiv is reacting with a new defense strategy that is reminiscent of the Swiss réduit strategy in World War II. Similar to the Swiss government, which at the beginning of the 1940s would have provided for the population to retreat to the Alpine bunkers in the worst possible case, the government of Volodymyr Zelensky (44) is now relying on supposedly invincible safety areas for people in need.

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