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Without weapons there is no democracy: everything else is a dream

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Analysis: Berlin’s Panzer Fear

Without weapons there is no democracy: everything else is a dream

Germany still refuses to deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. But too much restraint on the tank issue could spell the death knell for democracy in Kyiv.

Published: 20 minutes ago


Olaf Scholz ducks under the gun barrel of a German Leopard 2 tank.


Samuel Schumacherforeign reporter

There was a time when German tanks were a most unwelcome sight in Eastern Europe. Today, however, the rolling Rheinmetall Leopards in Warsaw and Kyiv are more popular than anything else. But while Poland already has several of the world’s most powerful main battle tanks in its barracks, Ukraine must continue to wait for the Leopard 2 tanks.

Berlin doesn’t want to deliver – at least not before all the other neo-allied ones also deliver. This was emphasized again at the meeting with allies at the US army base in Ramstein (D) on Friday.

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