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Woman (27) runs over arguing car driver († 64)

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Traffic Zoff after overtaking ends fatally

Woman (27) runs over arguing car driver († 64)

Accident in Hesse, Germany: After an overtaking maneuver, a dispute between two drivers escalated on Sunday. When they get out to clear things up, tragedy ensues. A driver overlooks the two and fatally injures one man.


A devastating accident occurred in Hesse on Sunday evening.

In Eltville am Rhein in the German state of Hesse, a dispute between two drivers ended fatally on Sunday evening. This reports the “image”. Since the car in front of him, in which a man from Wiesbaden (64) is sitting, is too slow for a man (22) from Eltville, he starts to overtake.

Then the conflict escalates. The older driver flashes his headlights to make it clear to the younger one that he should stop. Then they both get out and argue on the street.

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