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Woman has to go on vacation with a Porsche instead of a BMW – and complains

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Crazy court case

Woman has to go on vacation with Porsche instead of BMW – and files a lawsuit

Because she couldn’t go on vacation in her Porsche, a woman wanted almost 2,500 euros in damages. The court rejected the lawsuit: a 3-series BMW was also reasonable.


Instead of your Porsche Cabriolet… (symbolic picture)

A Porsche owner does not get any compensation because her car was parked for a few days and she had to drive her second car. A lower prestige from their point of view, a different driving experience or more driving pleasure did not make it unreasonable to use the other car, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) said on Friday in Karlsruhe. There was no financial loss. (Ref. VI ZR 35/22)

The plaintiff had parked her Porsche convertible in a garage. The owner of the garage had a legal dispute with the company that rented the garage. In this context, he blocked the exit of the Porsche for two weeks by parking another vehicle in front of it.

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