Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Woman is suing food giants for five million

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Prepared meal took too long

Woman is suing food giants for five million

A Florida woman is suing a food company because the directions for use of macaroni and cheese are incorrect. She’s asking for $5 million.


Amanda Ramirez is suing Kraft Heinz Foods Company for “misleading” instructions.

She was hungry and put a pack of magrons and cheese in the microwave. According to the instructions, the dish should be ready in just three and a half minutes. But it wasn’t. That’s why Amanda Ramirez from Hialeah, Florida, is now going to court. She is suing the manufacturer, the food giant Kraft Heinz Foods Company.

Ramirez feels the instructions for use are “wrong and misleading”. She had to wait much longer before she could eat the pasta. According to court documents, her attorneys claim that if she had known it would take longer than the three-and-a-half minutes, she would not have bought the microwave dish. After all, all work steps would have to be taken into account, not just the pure time in the microwave.

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