Monday, February 6, 2023

World’s deadliest sniper back in Ukraine

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At the front he is now to train new snipers as a commander

World’s deadliest sniper back in Ukraine

He is considered the best sniper in the world. After his first deployment on the Ukrainian front, he left the country for a while. Now he is back with a new task.


Sniper Vali on his first mission in Ukraine.

He is one of the heroes in Ukraine in the war against Russia: the best sniper in the world, nicknamed Vali (40). The Canadian became known for a shot that killed an IS terrorist from an incredible 3.5 kilometers away – a world record.

In early March this year, he traveled to Ukraine to support the country against Russia. After almost two months and several assignments, he returned to Canada to his wife and son. Now the sniper legend is going back to Ukraine – with a new task.

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